VTM doesent start correctly

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30 Mar 2020, 18:41

i have the same Problem like the user last Days.
If i will start the VTM the short Info-screen is showing for 2 seconds and then i see the Button in the Task Bar, but nothing is shown on the Screen.
Ther is no Crash Report or something.
I Have Win 10 Professional and the latest Net Framework Update was made after i was reading the Forum to solve the Problem.
But the Problem was before and after the instalation of KB4537572.

I Tryed to install the new Version and the same Problems are coming.
After new installatiion i was in the settings Screen, but after that again there ist nothing on screen.
We dont see the Main Screen from VTM on Desktop....

May be it is an Problem with KB4541335 from Win Update, this was installed this morning fronm Windows automaticly....

Please forgive my bad english, i am from germany....
Many Thanks
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25 May 2020, 12:02

Hi, did you try changing the parameters in the compatibility tab in the properties menu of the program. Sometimes this happens to me when I connect or disconnect a second display and resolutions of the display gets modified automatically. Try different configurations of dpi (resolution) in the tab compatibility.
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