request: make search file name eazy and afactive

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30 Dec 2017, 06:49

first thanks for this grate software.

I think that File Name search could be more simple.
all the settings in the File name window is not changing often so they can be in the setting window (or advance search button).
this will make filtering much simpler and faster
since we use it with big database filtering is a MAJOR thing.
please allow:
1. some kind of operators for advance search like | for OR () for grouping space for AND and you can also allow "regular expression" search
this is very common in databases and can be implemented quite easily.
2. I am searching with the same words. it would be nice to have history of entered words (personal history in text file)

You will archive 2 important this Simplicity (no more window to deal with) and Powerful search engine in simple line

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