add indication if video NOT exist

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08 Mar 2023, 05:11

I have some videos that are in external HDDs (that is not connected all the time)
and obviously double click on a tile will not open them.
So now I press many tiles until I find one that is present.
can you please add an indication on a tile the indicate that this video file cannot be played
it could be a red dot (keeping the tile normally - not grayed out...)
and a filter option to filter them
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13 Mar 2023, 13:05


Please understand that checking for files existence is not so fast when you have thousands of files.
Any ideas how to narrow down the check? I would like to avoid spying on a file system.
Maybe checking for the connection/disconnection of an external drive event, not sure if that is possible. You can startup your PC with external drives disconnected.

In other words, I am looking for a fast working solution.
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12 May 2023, 09:05

I have a related issue. Since creating my original Videonizer database, I have moved some films between folders in Windows and then updated Videonizer, which found the videos in their new location. However Videonizer still lists them as being in their old folder as well, leading to duplicate entries. As expected, when I click on the "play movie" icon for the entry in the old location, my media player stops with an error. Similarly, right click and "open containing folder" does nothing for the entry relating to the old folder. I have run "clean up current DB" and "Health check" from the DB tools menu, and while the clean up option runs for over 1 day (the data base is large) and reports thousands of deletions, the database size (202,608) remains the same and the duplicate entries remain. What can I do to remove these duplicates whenever I move files between folders?
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