Rescan for videos and pictures does not add new items to db

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29 Aug 2021, 10:53

Oh, OK.
In the new db, I actually added the folder first - not to scan folders, but a regular video folder. That was when it added about 100 videos and a lot of images. Then I added that same folder to the scan folders and rescanned.

I also tried moving a portion of the files to another external drive and import them into a new db. That one was successful - meaning it added all of the copied files to the db.
So I guess there is something on the first drive that seems to abort the scan at some point. My guess is that there is possibly a corrupted file or files causing this - but it's not at the file system level, rather internally in the video file that the program does not understand properly - as there is nothing in the windows event viewer at the time of scanning.
Unfortunately I do not have a large enough second drive to copy all of the content elsewhere, so I am not sure how to troubleshoot this further. Maybe some error logging in the app would help.
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08 Sep 2021, 23:52

I just noticed this thread. I thought I was the only one with this scanning for new files issue. I first noticed it after installing version

I normally have about 2000 video files ignored when I do a scan for new videos. Now I get right around 90 every time, but it's always different.
If I turn off "rescan subfolders recursively" it's always exactly 151 files ignored (which is the correct number of video files in the root folder).

It does seem to work correctly if I remove the root folder from the scan and manually add all of the subfolders.

All files are on a Hard Drive, no USB.

I ended up not adding anything new to that folder anymore and creating a new one, which has been working.
I just assumed I had too many files in one folder.
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09 Sep 2021, 21:47

Still not able to reproduce the issue.
I analyzed the code and improved some parts that could lead to similar issues (theoretically).
Please check Videonizer
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11 Sep 2021, 10:31

The new version seems to be working correctly for me. Thanks!
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11 Sep 2021, 15:47

That fixed it for me. After the initial scan scans seem to also run a lot faster. You're great!
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