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02 Nov 2020, 01:43


I am evaluating this SW, I still have the status "common".

Now what I am trying is the following:
I have a folder with lets say 2000 Pictures of 30 different sets with different amount of pictures each set.
Sets are named
- Set001_001.jpg … _031.jpg
- Set030_001.jpg … _025.jpg

I want to make preview Sheets of the different sets at the beginning of the folder.
- !Sheet_Set001.ptx
- !Sheet_Set030.ptx

My hope was that PTM was smart enough to detect where one set starts and ends and then creates separate preview sheets for each set. I understand that this is not so easy to make in code. :)

So my second idea was to do this separation myself. I.e. I would mark all pictures in the MS Explorer and send them via Batch to the PTM, giving them directly the right set-name.
Currently this seems not to be feasible. or I have not understood the command line options well.

I have tried as follows.
"C:\Program Files\PicturesThumbnailsMaker_64\PicturesThumbnailsMaker.exe" D:\picturefolder\subfolder
"C:\Program Files\PicturesThumbnailsMaker_64\PicturesThumbnailsMaker.exe" D:\picturefolder\subfolder\Set001_001.jpg D:\picturefolder\subfolder\Set001_002.jpg D:\picturefolder\subfolder\Set001_003.jpg
but both options did not create anything. There is no error-message

-> Is it because I still have status "common" or did I make a mistake somewhere?

Thanks, Gonzo
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02 Nov 2020, 12:02

OKOK. It seems a good part of the problem is the missing activation of the SW :oops:

So I started this just now and will try again after.
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02 Nov 2020, 13:52


PTM considers a folder or an archive as a Set.
And PTM produces the output file for each Set.
The output could be redirected in the same way as in VTM.

Your command line examples should produce a result picture. Please check GUI settings for possible redirection.
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