VTM fails to process some videos. How to debug?

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VTM fails to process some videos. How to debug?

Postby choyj » 21 May 2018, 01:52

I have one computer and one VM (both running Windows 10) where VTM were installed on with the same settings with primary:Ultimate, secondary:Engine 1. There are a few videos that failed to create thumbnails and immediately fail on the computer, but have no problems running on the VM. I tried the other two engines on the computer, but they both immediately failed, too. So I figured I'd try on the computer, but that, too, failed in the same manner.

The logs don't show anything useful:

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 [INFO] [6:25:59 PM] Job is Started
 [INFO] [6:25:59 PM] File 1: [C:\F\myvid.mp4]
[DEBUG] [6:25:59 PM] .... Ultimate engine failed , making an attempt to use Secondary engine
[DEBUG] [6:26:00 PM] .... Engine 1 failed too

I went to C:\Users\choyj\AppData\Local\Video Thumbnails Maker\Logs and there was nothing in that directory.

Most of the videos have no problems between both the computer and the VM, it's just a couple of files that are having issues on the computer, so I wanted to debug what's causing the computer to fail these particular videos, but not on the VM. Both the computer and the VM can play these problematic videos via MPC-HC, although I don't have the VM set up to play audio.

How do I determine what is different between my computer (16 GB of memory) and my VM (12 GB) that would cause VTM to fail? Are there other logs I can look at to see why it failed?
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Re: VTM fails to process some videos. How to debug?

Postby admin » 21 May 2018, 20:36


I am afraid there is no way to debug that in your case.
Probably, I could create a special version for you to test, but currently I am short of time.
Maybe later.
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