[Feature Request] Thumbnails for VR (180°/360°) videos

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19 May 2020, 09:23

Hi, I'm new to VTM, and I like it so far.

But I also have a "feature request" right away ;)

I want to create some thumbnails for my selection of VR videos, and I've never found a software which is able to create thumbnails without the "side-by-side" or "top-bottom" fisheye-ish view. Because the features of VTM are the most advanced as far as I'm aware, I'd love to see some options to create "better" thumbnails for VR videos. It does not have to be an "autodetect" mode, I'd be fine with setting options manual, i.e.:
  • select side-by-side or top-bottom type (so VTM would either take one side or the bottom or the top to create the thumbnail/animated preview)
  • bonus: select 180° or 360° (VTM would then try to "undo" the barrel-/fisheye-effect)
That's basically it. I created a (crappy) image edit to demonstrate what I mean (the picture has a very extreme fisheye effect, so there's probably no easy way to make it look better): Thanks a lot for reading. Have a nice day!

Btw: If there already is an option to create some better looking thumbnails for VR videos and I just missed it (because I'm new to your software), please give me a hint where to find it :D
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19 May 2020, 15:36


Nice request, thank you.
I will try to implement it, but can't promise I will manage to do that ;)
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20 May 2020, 06:49


if you could at least add the "mono" version of a thumbnail that'd be great!
I guess there's no general method to "de-fisheye", so that would just be a great bonus if you could figure something out...

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30 May 2020, 21:11

I register only to give my support to this feature! The VR industry is expanding in a huge way and it's incredibly that there is no thumbnail maker with this kind of feature. It think it shouldn't be difficult to capture only half of the screen (or crop it after capturing it and before making the contact sheet) and your software would be the first one to have this feature. I asure you a lot of us would use it!
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