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02 May 2020, 20:30

First of all: I'm a real SUU-Design-Fan. :D


Videonizer is a cool app to organize videos. But I think some enhancements could get it even better...

I have a huge amount of videos on my pc. I would like to use Videonizer to organize them better.
So as an example I scan a folder with 1000 video files in it.
1. How can I tell Videonizer to create thumbnails automatically?
2. I would like to add a comment to each video or some kind of marks
2.1.mark to delete
2.2. mark to rename
2.3. mark to move
3. I would like to create a textfile of selected items
3.1. select all files marked "Delete" or other marks
3.2. Use some simple output options like
3.2.1. Text before original filename, like "delete "
3.2.2. Text behind original filename, like ""
3.2.3. Add original file name at several positions
3.2.4. examples of Output::
DELETE c.\folder\file.mp4
RENAME c.\folder\file.mp4 newfile.mp4
3.3. Create output file and just run it from a command window.

Hope you got my idea. Videonizer is NOW a static program. This means: you can scan folders and files, add thumbnails or whatever files and so on. However it's difficult to make changes.

What do you think?
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03 May 2020, 20:17


Thank you for your feedback,

Yes, I've got your ideas, they are reasonable and can be helpful in certain situations.

1. Nice idea, would like to implement it.
2. You can delete or move files right in Videonizer using "Files" in the main context menu. Also, you can move or rename files individually using Item editor.
Please clarify - for which purpose would you like to mark video Items? To have a Windows batch file?
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