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05 Mar 2020, 02:21

avi111 wrote:
04 Mar 2020, 05:16
My best solution for Tags Actors Sites (Directors, Series, etc.) would be
1 window Only organized as spreadsheet with columns
column 0 = a Mark that used for selection made in this row (read only for the user for viewing what was selected ) Or any method that sow this
column 1 = Type (Tags, Actors, Sites, (Directors, Series, etc. can be added by user choice)
column 2 = Name
column 3 = Group
column 4 = Rating
column 5 = Comment (can be year of video creation for example)
column 6 = ...
on top of every column there will be a text field for filtering
on top of every column there will option to select logical operation (AND, OR, NOT )
this list can be sorted by any column. the sorting operation do not remove the selection already made
On confirming all selections a window will ask for the logical operation needed the columns (AND, OR, NOT ) (it can be in the spreadsheet header with OR as default option)
This filter will apply to the current view list

PS the operator NOT is essential (for logical reasons)!
1. The Boolean option should be as radio buttons left to every line.

if this is to much for some users it could be in "advanced search" button.

This is a crucial thing when working with big database
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17 Mar 2020, 17:43

I like your ideas as a option but it seems for me that it is for all program reworking. I am okay with folder tree in Tag window or line spacing possibility at least..Because actual working with hundreds of TAGs is really uncomfortable.

Folder tree is something what was tried in many many programs before...and it always worked. 8-)
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