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28 Jan 2020, 11:26


In all modes showing tiles Videonizer caches them in the current page. Let's say I have 5 pages of items. Then it caches the first page of tiles to provide a fast way to see the content. Well. If I change to page 2, then Videonizer starts the caching process for that page 2. So, I understand the event that fires the caching process is the first visit to the page, isn't it?, but page by page.

My suggestion is: could it be possible to cache the entire collection instead of having to navigate pager by page? It may be a selectable option, since there would be users that don't need to have fast access always to the entire collection, but other users, like me, prefer to be able to go to any of the pages with fast access in every moment.

So, sumarizing: I suggest Videonizer starts caching the entire tiles collection in background (not only the current page) as soon as it starts (it does not apply Classic Lineral View).

Thank you for your support!
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28 Jan 2020, 16:13


I understood your request, It could be implemented as an option.
Can't promise I will implement it for sure.

Please note: caching is performed only once. If no changes occured - cache is used.
But I agree with you, a silent background caching would be more pleasant in certain situations.

Thank you for your request. I will definitely try to implement silent caching for the rest of pages.
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