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30 Dec 2019, 01:24

Please, for the love of God, change the setup's default install path from "D:\Program Files" to "C:\Program Files". Today when updating VTM to v14 it was accidentally installed to the wrong drive and all settings are lost when installing it to the correct path. Most of us users don't check what the setup says because we expect it knows where's the current version.

There are multiple options how to do that:

1. by simply changing "D:\Program Files\Video Thumbnails Maker" to "C:\Program Files\Video Thumbnails Maker"
2. by using environment variables - "%PROGRAMFILES%\Video Thumbnails Maker" - that also covers the 0.05% that actually have their system drive as D:\ or anything else except C:\
3. by writing the current install path to registry and getting it from there when VideoThumbnailsMaker_Setup.exe is executed the next time

The third option is preferred since it covers everyone, even those that would maybe install it to paths like "F:\Thumbnail Thingy".

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30 Dec 2019, 19:39

The default installation path tries to evade UAC protected Windows folders ("Program Files" on disk C is an example of such a folder).
Writing to UAC protected folders requires "Run as admin" action.
On the other hand, VTM writes preset files and Diag.log file to the installation folder.
VTM does not require admin privileges to be run when installed.

Your point 3 sounds good, I can implement that.

BTW, you can export VTM Options and use them later.
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