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20 Jan 2020, 09:30

Animation is grate but it takes PC power HHD space to implement, in creation and usage.
I have a suggestion that is very simple to implement small CPU usage and NO HDD space usage.
when we create screenlist we can create 1-96 single photos taken from the video.
this set of pictures are good represent of the video content.
Like animation when the mouse is on the video this set of pictures will run (with custom delay on each picture ) the user will have good idea on the video content.

This action can be a default for any video without animation

what do you think?
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20 Jan 2020, 13:46


Several points:
1) VTM does not consume any additional HDD space except of the result animation file.
2) There is a possibility to create GIF slideshow in VTM. You can try it by setting a checkbox in Environment window. It is what you are looking for?
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