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owl on screen ?

Posted: 23 Apr 2019, 22:56
by AlexanderSh88
Hello. I have a silver license. Why is my owl on screen sheets? I reinstalled Windows and moved the program folder, without installation, could this be a problem?

Re: owl on screen ?

Posted: 24 Apr 2019, 22:45
by admin

please refer to FAQ and send me your new Serial.

Re: owl on screen ?

Posted: 01 Jan 2020, 16:42
by tbrx
I have the same problem, i am silver and all of the sudden I see the effing owl random show up in the snapshots. I don't have any new serial I only have one and only activationKey.vkf which I received upon paying the product. Btw i don't see any way or link to contact you by PM or email.

Re: owl on screen ?

Posted: 02 Jan 2020, 11:18
by admin
In general Owl logo could be for 5 cases:
1) Your Serial have been changed. This case is described in FAQ.
2) You have changed the name of activation key file. It should be "activationKey.vkf" only.
3) You have placed activation key file to a wrong folder (several installations on PC?).
4) The program has not enough privileges to access its own folder. In that case you will see the "first start language selection" window each time you run the program.
Try to install the program to another location (for instance, to a newly created folder on disk D:\xxxxx\).
5) Please make sure you are using the latest VTM version or higher