Is there a maximum number of thumbnail images per video file?

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08 Feb 2019, 22:12

I have a file that is 62m07s in duration (mp4, 1080p) that fails to index repeatedly. I've tried smaller file sizes (e.g., 720p), and even changed the format to WMV. Same result. Settings are 1 thumbnail at 320 pixels wide (auto-height) every 5 seconds, 12 thumbs per row. So each row represents one minute. Total thumbnails = 745 (= 12 x 62 + 1)

I can get this file to index if I change the settings to 1 thumbnail every 6 seconds. Total thumbnails = 721 (= 10 x 62 + 1). Is there some maximum number of thumbs stored for writing the output file, or some maximum amount of bytes those images occupy that exceeds some maximum for generating the output image matrix file? Something else?

I'm using VTM version is

I've thumbed many files that are even longer than this using the 5-second interval @ 320 pixels wide and never encountered this problem; however, I was using an older version of the program on a different computer.

Any insights would be helpful. Thx.
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Thank you for reporting about the issue, I will check the reason.
Could you please share Options and Environment settings to reproduce the issue?
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