Resizing the window / adding several folder in a row / stability issues

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08 Dec 2018, 18:50

A few features that would be welcome :
— The possibility of resizing the window.
— The possibility of adding folders by pasting their paths (sometimes it's easier than having to click on little “plus” signs to find a deeply nested folder), and also the possibility of selecting several folders from the browser with the SHIFT or CTRL keys (if there are more than a few it's annoying to select them one by one, and prone to errors) ; a possibility of adding files / folders by drag-and-drop would be nice as well.
By the way, I found out that the order in which the folders are checked determines the order in which they are processed, which is not necessarily a good thing, to keep track of large task (for instance, if a user wants to process 5 folders, and inadvertently checks the 4th before the 3rd in the browser, and for some reason the task is interrupted while the 4th is being processed, if resuming it manually for the 4th and 5th directories, the 3rd will be missed, as it would have been processed after the 4th according to the initial order in which they were checked).
Also, there should be a possibility of switching between a numerical and alphabetical sorting in the browser (I have to process folders recovered by R-Studio, with names like $$$Folder12582913, $$$Folder1388969991, $$$Folder2686977... depending on the sorting mode in Windows Explorer — which can be altered, see here — the lists can be unmatched, making it difficult to track what is done and what remains to be done), and maybe “sort by modified date” / “sort by created date” options as well.

Also, I found out that the program systematically crashes after about 2000 processed videos, at least with the “Engine 2” module (I've had to process several folders containing each about 3200 videos, for all of them it crashed about 2/3 of the way through, then I had to start over for the remaining 1/3 — using the “skip video if all required pictures exist” switch so it could just resume where it left off — ; because of that I couldn't let it run unattended to process the whole collection). Granted, it's not an usual kind of task for that kind of tool ! :) But if it's stable enough to process 2000 files, there should be no practical limit. I've read in the FAQ that VTM was loading pictures into memory, but apparently a “memory economy mode” was implemented, then set as default in version 6, and now I don't even find such an option in the current version so I guess that it's been further optimized, yet it's still prone to failures.
It also crashes in some cases of codec configuration issues (see this other thread), or when attempting to process some corrupted / invalid files (of which there are quite a few when processing recovered folders, where one recovered file can have been partially or totally overwritten by another — I had to manually rename each problematic file from “.avi” to “.avi#” until VTM could process normally with the rest of them).
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17 Dec 2018, 21:46

Folder browser is enhanced in VTM
The Address bar is added and CTRL + Left Mouse Button selection for multiple folders is added.
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