Inaccurate colors (YUV>RGB color conversion issue)

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08 Dec 2018, 17:25

Thanks for the update, I will definitely try it !
Did you make it so that the color conversion matrix is automatically chosen according to the video resolution ? Or is there a new option to define it manually ?

But right now I'm trying to solve a weird issue. Some of the CCTV videos I wanted to inventory (those in 704x576 specifically) couldn't be processed by anything except the dedicated “GAVC” codec, which works only with the Engine 1 / Engine 2 rendering modules. But after I installed CCCP 32 bits (which as I said produced a fine result with 1920x1080 videos), I couldn't get VTM to use that GAVC codec instead of ffdshow / LAV video decoder from CCCP ; I tried disabling them in CCCP and ffdshow settings, but it would either make VTM crash, or fail to generate preview pictures. I tried a few methods in order to tweak the codec settings (as advised here), to no avail. So I completely uninstalled CCCP 32 bits, and then it worked with the GAVC codec as intented (no other thumbnails preview generating tool I tried could deal with those files, at least among those with a batch processing ability).
Once I finished that part, I reinstalled CCCP 32 bits, added back “AVI” in “LAV Splitter” in “CCCP system settings”, “h264” in “LAV video settings”, and I don't exactly remember what else until VTM + “Engine 2” worked again – but now I get pictures with a blurred strip at the bottom edge, which wasn't there before.
Like this :
(Compare with the second picture in my previous post, made with the same test video at the same settings.)
I get the same effect in MPC-HC (the one included in CCCP). I tried disabling ffdshow video decoder and LAV Video Decoder in “DirectShow filters” with Codec Tweak Tool : it solves the issue with MPC-HC, but then VTM crashes (with “Engine 2”). If I disable ffdshow only, it doesn't work at all (video won't start in MPC-HC, VTM fails). Apparently both ffdshow and LAV video decoder are required. I asked about this issue on VideoHelp, but got no feedback so far. Do you know by any chance what is wrong here and how it can be fixed ?
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