[Request] Multithreading support

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[Request] Multithreading support

Postby 684102 » 07 Feb 2018, 08:46

Hi Scrop,
Thanks you for making VTM, the useful software in my life. I'm now platinum license and i very like it.

Will Be wonderful if you support multithreading for VTM , now it only make 1 thumbnail per time, will take alot of time for thousands movie, my PC running on core i7, and look like useless with that waste time.

But anyway, If my request steal your time with family or girls(boy) friends, just let it go. Lunar new year is coming, and your products is very good./.

ps: Please excuse any mistakes as English is my second language.
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Re: [Request] Multithreading support

Postby admin » 07 Feb 2018, 18:07


thank you for your feedback and request.
I have plans to extent support of multi-threading in VTM, but can't promise anything at the moment.
There are a lot of other plans.
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