Two Issues: Open Containing Folder and Ctrl+Shift Click Selections

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27 Jul 2020, 22:47

There are two tweaks that I feel will make Videonizer easier to use. (Videonizer 9.2)

1. Clicking on "Open Containing Folder" for a video should select that file in Windows Explorer. Videonizer currently only goes to the folder, making it difficult to find that one file I need.

2. Using Ctrl+Shift Click for selections should function as it does in all other application. Normally you can alternate between Ctrl Click and Ctrl+Shift Click to select separate groups of items. Videonizer does not follow this standard.

Thank you everyone for keeping this project alive.
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28 Jul 2020, 15:03

1. Will try to implement.
2. Not sure what do you mean. Ctrl+Click allows to add an item to the selection. Ctrl+Shift+Click adds all items in between. What is wrong?
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28 Jul 2020, 19:41

Videonizer is deselecting my previous selections as I make new selections. If you mess around in Windows Explorer you'll see that Explorer handles selections differently.

I'll try to attach an example of how Explorer handles selections. You shouldn't be able to duplicate it in Videonizer. Unless it's just my installation of Videonizer acting up.
How Deselect Works In Windows Explorer
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How Selections Work In Windows Explorer
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