New software suggestion: PDF Thumbnails Maker

New software suggestion: PDF Thumbnails Maker

Postby NFL-Freak » 14 Sep 2014, 14:55


I never have imagined there was software available that allows to create thumbnail previews of both videos and picture galleries.
These two will save me hundreds of hours!

Unfortunately I haven't found something similar for PDFs also, yet. There is the very good PDF-XChange Viewer out there (see screenshot):

In order to get these previews you need to open the files first prior to getting its page previews. Also, even after opening, you need to use a separate screen capturer to save the previews on HDD.
This is a mess if you are searching for specific pages but don't know WHERE to take a look in to.

So it would be great if Scorp could get fond of this idea and try to develop something... ;)

See ya.
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Re: New software suggestion: PDF Thumbnails Maker

Postby admin » 17 Sep 2014, 19:31

Thank you for the idea.
I will think about it.
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