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Key pix scaling

PostPosted: 26 Sep 2016, 17:38
by harryh
In making thumbs of pix sets, I'm clipping the heads of the photos. This is probably because of some option I haven't set. When you capture the image can you control the region of capture. I'll need to workup a sample if I'm not clear, but I'm finding the heads cutoff on my thumbs.

Re: Key pix scaling

PostPosted: 09 Oct 2016, 06:07
by harryh
I've attached examples of output files. I made two images - just blocks, then duplicated them and arranged them. Sheet001 is the thumbnails from irfanview. I wanted a fancier layout - #3 for example. I also have on my custom layout a pix to replace the "Pictures Thumbnail Maker" logo. I didn't use that here.

Test Pattern is the created thumbnail and settings are what I used. The thumbnail has cutoff the top of the image, it's a centroid view that is troublesome because in some pix, the heads get cut off.

I'm not sure what options get back the entire image instead of the image center.

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Re: Key pix scaling

PostPosted: 09 Oct 2016, 06:12
by harryh
And to add another change that seems to be needed. The logo area needs to cover over (move to the front) of the thumbnailed image. Or the area for the header needs to be reserved with the rest of the thumbnails below the header area.


Re: Key pix scaling

PostPosted: 09 Oct 2016, 09:51
by admin

In your case you may change "Tile Max Height" option.
Please try to select the 3rd radio button (20% of the highest pic in a Set).

Regarding watermark.
It is drawn over the image as the last step of processing. It is opaque, so in your case it is seemed to be on the background.
Try to change Watermark Opacity to 100% and you will see everything is ok.

Re: Key pix scaling

PostPosted: 05 Nov 2016, 23:19
by harryh
Got, I think.

I had to use 40% in order to get the vertical pix to show all content. Hormonal layout was OK at 20%.